Welcome to Eloctric’s universe of poppy experimental-music!

A mix of progressive synth sounds, hard beats, unusual soundscapes, warm melodies and a little cricket that can imitate a robot. Eloctric’s songs are fuelled by a desire for experiment and new ‘out of the ordinary’ sound experiences.

It’s pop. It’s dada.

Eloctric was formed in 2013 and released the first album ‘Crickets’ in 2018. The album was recorded by the original line-up of the band including it’s current members Frans Willems (vocals, keyboard, guitar) and Maria Maier (vocals, bass, harp). ‘Crickets’ is available on CD (mail to eloctric@gmail.com) or as download in several online shops.

Out now: Our new EP „Alpha Reh“!

Alpha Reh on Spotify

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contact: eloctric@gmail.com